femchord is a monthly podcast featuring women and non-binary people involved in all aspects of music hosted at Radio Free Brooklyn on Tuesday nights at 10 p.m. (ET).



Episode 58: Alisha Edmonson Built a Home for Creative Artistry at its Finest

Episode 57: Quiet Glory and Vibrant Bangers—femchord’s Spring Mixtape 

Episode 56: Shannon Lynch Spotlights Hip Hop’s Political Nature on FLOWTUS

Episode 55: Weakened Friends Finds the Happiest Songs in the Saddest Experiences

Episode 54: Park Snakes Feeds on Multiplicity in Genre, Collaboration

Episode 53: Sløtface Starts Conversations with Feminist Lyrics and Catchy Beats

Episode 52: Showcasing the Local Austin Music Community During SXSW

Episode 51: Adriana-Lucia Cotes Creates a Space for Women Artists of Color with Represented DC

Episode 50: Johnny Fantastic Doesn’t Go Halfway When It Comes to Music

Episode 49: femchord SXSW Preview

Episode 48: Lady Lamb Responds to a Need for Hope, Tenderness in the Face of Uncertainty with New EP

Episode 47: On ‘Infinite Worlds,’ Vagabon Sets Out Ambitiously, Finishes Holding Her Own

Episode 46: Priests Grows with Nuance and Sureness on Nothing Feels Natural

Episode 45: Artists, Venues Use Their Music and Spaces to Speak Up for Rights, Equality

Episode 44: Fiona Campbell Uses Her Musicianship, Management to Guide Her Career and Others’

Episode 43: Joni Deutsch Works on Crafting the Perfect Mixtape on WV Public Radio

Episode 42: Our Favorite Music of 2016

Episode 41: Keeping Her Artistry in Flux, Xenia Rubinos Puts Words First on ‘Black Terry Cat’

Episode 40: Japanese Breakfast Finds Perfection in Juxtaposition on Psychopomp

Episode 39: Be Steadwell Blends Music, Film with Her Perspective 

Episode 38: College Record Labels Give Students, Artists Taste of Industry

Episode 37: Handsome Hound Balance the Whimsical and Contemplative on Debut EP

Episode 36: Fight for the Future

Episode 35: Hinds Will Always Be About the Human Experience

Episode 34: Exploring Emotion and Place, Sibling Grows Together and Darker

Episode 33: Cina Nguyen’s Photos Mix Personal Style, Artists’ Personas

Episode 32: Marian McLaughlin Distills Varied Moods, Melodies, Inspiration

Episode 31: Bishop Briggs Brings Soul and Darkness to Her Debut Music

Episode 30: The El Mansouris Play with Approach, Style, and Shifting Pieces 

Episode 29: Queens of the Soundtrack Scene

Episode 28: On Homoground, the Music and the People Behind it Speak for Themselves

Episode 27: The Evolution of Den-Mate

Episode 26: D.C. Fall Music Preview

Episode 25: Alice MK Makes Songs that Resonate with Herself, with Many

Episode 24: Jonna Humphries Brings People Together in D.C. Music

Episode 23: Oh He Dead Talks Soulful Sounds and Their Duo Dynamic

Episode 22: Lady Pills Mix Intentionality, Music Chops, and Collective Growth on Despite

Episode 21: Lauren Calve Talks Collaboration and Support for Women in DC Music

Episode 20: Mal Devisa on Performance, Genre, and Learning to Talk about her Music

Episode 19: Songs of Summer, Part 2

Episode 18:Kate Ross on Creating Safe Spaces for the Queer Community in Music, Nightlife

Episode 17: Songs of Summer

Episode 16: Conversations on Songwriting and Soul Baring with Olivia Mancini

Episode 15: Ayes Cold on Summer Vibes, Women in Production, Insider Knowledge

Episode 14: Caroline Weinroth Talks Influence of 60s Girl Groups, College, and her Hometown

Episode 13: The Women Who Bring the Crowds to D.C. Shows

Episode 12: Building Bandwidth—Ally Schweitzer on Gaining Ground in Music, Media

Episode 11: Insider Info from D.C.’s Independent Music Venues

Episode 10: Putting Sight to the Sounds of D.C. Shows

Episode 9: D.C.’s House Venues and the Artists They Showcase

Episode 8: Life Changing Music, and the Women It Inspired

Episode 6: Signing the Ladies

Episode 5: Tastemakers, Part 2

Episode 4: Tastemakers, Part 1

Episode 3: International Ladies

Episode 2: All About the Local, D.C. Edition

Episode 1: Why We Do What We Do