About Us

What is femchord?

femchord features women and non-binary people who make, promote, talk, and love music. femchord started in 2016 when Julia Wejchert and Kate Ida got sick of hearing “I don’t know any women in music.” What you won’t find here: Questions like, “What’s it like to be a girl in a band?” What you will find here: A kickass podcast highlighting women-led music acts and women and nonbinary people involved in all aspects music.

femchord is a monthly podcast that can be found all places podcasts are available.


Who are we?

femchord is created and hosted by Julia Wejchert and Kate Ida. Julia and Kate are former college roommates with masters in gender policy and an obsession with music. Julia and Kate use their combined passions of gender equality, activism, and music to create a podcast spanning coasts, and elevate voices of those who might not currently be heard.


Write for us.

We’re dedicated to promoting diverse experiences within music, and are always looking for contributors with unique perspectives. Do you know a great woman doing cool things with music? Do you want to get to know great women doing cool things with music? Pitch us your ideas! Email us with the subject line “Pitch: [your idea]” and 1. a few lines about yourself and your areas of interest; 2. a short description of the piece you want to write; and 3. links to your work you want to share.


Submit your music.

Want your music featured on femchord.fm? Email us with the subject line “Music Submission” and we’ll review it to see if it’s the right fit for an episode of femchord.


Sponsor an episode of femchord.

If you’re interested in sponsoring an episode of femchord email us with the subject line “Sponsor a Show.” Want to advertise with femchord online? Email us with the subject line “Advertise with femchord” to receive our advertisement packet.