femchord, the podcast, wraps season 1!

That’s a wrap, folks! Our first season as a podcast is in the bag. We’re so enthralled with the 10 women featured in these episodes. femchord will return for season 2 in 2020!

If you missed out on any of this season’s original episodes, check them out here:

Episode 10: This year, Black Belt Eagle Scout begins a journey and returns home again

Episode 9: In every move, Maya Lucia’s music grows

Episode 8: Antonioni loses their ego

Episode 7: Expanding Geographically, Kaori Fujii Becomes a Better Teacher

Episode 6: Chong the Nomad’s Solitary Evolution Inspired Her Unique Sound

Episode 5: Kristina Latino Finds a Sense of Place in Production

Episode 4: Aubrey Haddard Looks for Raw Vulnerability on ‘Blue Part’

Episode 3: Mint Green Looks Inward on ‘Headspace’

Episode 2: Sidney Gish Sees Music from All Sides

Episode 1: Rachel Chanoff stills asks “How did I get this job?”

Author: femchord