Leah Gage and three other members of BRNDA

Episode 98: Leah Gage is Home with BRNDA

Leah Gage is known for her collaboration in the Washington, DC music scene. She plays in multiple projects, in multiple genres, and welcomes other artists into her home as operator of house venue The Bathtub Republic. But BRNDA is the project she continues to feel at home with. On this episode, Leah talks about the band’s latest EP “Thanks for Playing.”




BRNDA – House Show – Thanks for Playing EP

Salt Cathedral – No Love – No Love (Single)

Maria Usbeck – Bosque de Bambu – Bosque de Bambu (Single)

Cape Weather – Telephono – Telephono (Single)

The Aces – Volcanic Love – When My Heart Felt Volcanic

Sunny War – If It Wasn’t Broken – With the Sun

Wye Oak – Lifer – The Louder I Call the Faster It Runs

Grace Vonderkuhn – Cellophane – Reveries

Ament feat. Angel Olsen – Safe in the Car – Safe in the Car (Single)


Photo: Julia Leiby

Author: femchord