singer Sarah Graziani singing and playing music

Episode 96: Sarah Graziani Relishes Every Decision on ‘Surface’

The songs on Sarah Graziani’s album Surface are in chronological order. She talks about playing songs about emotions that she’s moved on from, and with a progression of her style. Sarah also talks about enjoying the control you have as a solo artist after spending time collaborating and working in bands, and choosing to focus on a minimalistic sound.

“Right now I’m really enjoying the control and being able to make all my own decisions and not having to come to a consensus. It’s been really cool to take that power back- I’m enjoying it just being me right now and just doing what feels right to me.” – Sarah Graziani




Sarah Graziani – Under Water – Surface

Snail Mail – Pristine – Lush

Oceanator – Mistakes – Lows

Gabriella Cohen – Baby – Pink is the Color of Unconditional Love

Showtime Goma – Oh Shit – Smiley Face

Varsity – Krissy – Parallel Person

Tancred – Reviews – Nightstand

Half Waif – Torches – Lavender

Sorcha Richardson – Can’t We Pretend – Can’t We Pretend (Single)

Eleanor Friedburger – In Between Stars – Rebound

Author: femchord