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Episode 95: Notes from the Scene—Boston

Does a city have a sound? Arguably, yes. But what creates that sound—people, weather, history? On this episode, we delve into the Boston music scene with tracks from artists like Palehound, Lina Tullgren, Sidney Gish, Crumb, and more.




Birthing Hips – No Pressure – Urge to Merge

Sidney Gish – Not but for you, bunny. – No Dogs Allowed

Photocomfort – Long Way Home – Long Way Home Single

Mint Green – Take Care – Take Care Single

Squirrel Flower – Not Your Prey – Contact Sports EP

Palehound – Sea of Blood – YMCA Pool EP

Baby! – Weather Girl – Sunny, F.L

Lilith – Rated R – Apology Plant

Pushflowers – Dreamshapes – Dreamshapes Single

Lina Tulgren – AskTell – Won

Crumb – Plants – Locket EP

Author: femchord