Grace Coleman

Episode 83: Engineer Grace Coleman Talks Trust in Production

San Fransisco-based engineer Grace Coleman says trust, above all else, is essential to her production. On this episode, Coleman talks about establishing it with clients and in her own abilities, through pushing herself out of her comfort zone. Hear about her first keyboard, the first track she mixed on her own, and her career thus far.


The She’s – Heartache – All Female Rock and Roll Quartet

PHOX – Noble Heart (live)

U.S. Girls – Velvet4Sale – Velvet4Sale (Single)

Idle Empress – Habits – Habits/Envy (Double Release)

The Marias – I Don’t Know You – Superclean, Vol 1

Cold Specks – Solid – Fool’s Paradise

Hand Habits – Yr Heart – Yr Heart (Double Release)

First Aid Kit – Fireworks – Fireworks (Single)

Long Beard – Porch – Sleepwalker


Author: femchord