Siv Disa by Perri Brierley-Bowers

Episode 82: Siv Disa’s Songwriting Combines the Shared and the Obscure

Siv Disa’s songs are both emotional and experimental in their construction. The New York-based singer-songwriter joined us in the booth to talk about her most recent EP and her songwriting style, which pulls in both themes of shared experiences and obscure sounds, and features constant evolution.

“Going back and reworking old songs is an interesting experience because its like you’re your own historian in a way… I’ll sometimes sit and play a song that I haven’t played in like five years and think back at the fact that I wrote this at some point and was I was feeling these things at some point. And sometimes I don’t even remember that happening, so that’s interesting.” – Siv Disa



Siv Disa – One – June EP

Siv Disa – Roses – June EP

Charlotte Gainsbourg – Rest – Rest

Bjork – Blissing Me – Utopia

Loma – Black Willow – Loma

Alex Lahey – There’s No Money (Solo) – There’s No Money (Single)

Gingerlys – Turtledoves – Gingerlys

Jessica Lea Mayfield – Sorry is Gone – Sorry is Gone

Someone – Forget Forgive – Forget Forgive (Single)

Charlotte Day Wilson – Doubt – Single



Photo: Perri Brierley-Bowers, courtesy of the artist. 

Author: femchord