Episode 79: Female Frequency’s Dani Mari Created a Community that Goes Beyond an Album

Female Frequency, Vol. 1 is an album made working exclusively with women at every step of the process. But Female Frequency founder Dani Mari has created a community that expands beyond the creation of an album. Female Frequency is a community dedicated to empowering female, transgender, and non-binary artists through the creation of music that is entirely female-generated. On this episode, we talk with Dani Mari about creating that community, lessons learned, and its most satisfying moments.




Female Frequency – Screaming a Whisper– Female Frequency, Vol. 1

Female Frequency – 9 to 5 – Female Frequency, Vol. 1

Alex Rose – Elephant Eyes– Arcadian Pages

Julien Baker – Turn Out the Lights– Turn Out the Lights

Cold Specks – Wild Card– Fool’s Paradise

Lynette Williams – Light– Light

Common Holly – Playing House – Playing House

Katie Von Schleicher – Life’s a Lie– Shitty Hits

Laura Sauvage – Alien (Anything Like It, Have You?) – The Beautiful

Author: femchord