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Episode 77: Anna Altman’s Lucia Arias Turned a Day into an Album

Lucia Arias wrote Anna Altman’s first album, Freightliner, in a day. Arias turned a moment of vulnerability and loneliness into an album. The duo’s music as a whole is a more autobiographical project than the other projects, like Brooklyn-based band Turnip King, that Arias and her creative partner Christian Billard have been a part of.

Arias talks to femchord about taking on a more active management role in a band, the songs she won’t play live, and where Anna Altman goes from here.



Anna Altman – American Gothic – Freightliner

Anna Altman – The Interview – Freightliner

And the Kids – 2003 – 2003 (Single)

Angel Olsen – Fly on Your Wall – Phases

Spelling – Walk Up to Your House – Pantheon of Me

Torres – Bad Baby Pie – Three Futures

Kelala – Blue Light – Take Me Apart

Gingerlys – See You Cry – Gingerlys

Sassy 009 – Are You Leaving? – Are You Leaving (Single)

Author: femchord