Episode 76: L’Rain Finds Her Sound Among Many Instruments, Few Expectations

L’Rain, aka Taja Cheek, didn’t know if anyone would listen to her debut solo album. That gave her freedom to record all sorts of instruments and lyrics and play with them, looping and reversing sounds and words, and create her unique sound.

With these pieces Taja weaves an album containing a range of emotions. The name L’Rain is a tribute Taja’s mother, who passed away during the album’s production, and much of the album is imbued with grief. But other moments are playful, like a guitar riff born from an inside joke. This juxtaposition fits with the sounds of the album, and with Taja herself, who moves seamlessly between lighthearted and somber.


L’Rain – Heavy (But Not in Wait) – L’Rain

L’Rain – Stay, Go (Go, Stay) – L’Rain

Yaeji – Drink I’m Sippin’ On – Drink I’m Sippin’ On (Single)

Ibeyi – Me Voy – Ash

Kaitlin Aurelia Smith – To Feel Your Best – The Kid

Sharon Van Etten – I Wish I Knew – (it was) because i was in love

First Aid Kit – It’s A Shame – It’s a Shame (Single)

Becca Mancari – Golden – Good Woman


Photo: Astronautico

Author: femchord