Episode 75: New Songs from Old Friends

For our 75th episode of femchord, we looked back at some of our favorite guests and interview moments from the intense, challenging, and utterly wonderful year and a half since femchord began. This includes everything from Michelle Zauner of Japanese Breakfast talking about her now-released sophomore album to Kalbells’ Kalmia Traver talking about gaining confidence as a solo producer.  We feature new songs by musicians we’ve had on previous episodes of femchord.




Loi Loi – Trying to Remember – Viva La Vulva

Deerhoof (featuring Xenia Rubinos) – Singalong Junk – Mountain Moves

Japanese Breakfast – Boyish – Soft Sounds from Another Planet

Weakened Friends – Hate Mail – Hate Mail (Single)

Kalbells – Why?steria – Ten Flowers

Slotface – Try – Try Not to Freak Out

Lady Pills – Old Song – Old Song (Single)

Sibling – Dream You Away – Dream You Away EP

Hinds – Caribbean Moon – Caribbean Moon (Single)

Salt Cathedral – Always There When I Need You –Always There When I Need You (Single)

Mellow Diamond – Pleasure Highway – American God

Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile – Continental Breakfast –Continental Breakfast (Single)

Author: femchord