Rise Instead by Queen of Swords (Aerin Fogel)

Episode 72: Aerin Fogel, as Artist and Curator, Creates Space within Music

As Queen of Swords and creator of Venusfest, Toronto’s Aerin Fogel is creating a space for herself and others within the music industry.

On this episode, we talk with Aerin about themes of incarnation and empowerment on her debut, self-titled record “Queen of Swords,” artistic independence, and showcasing music by other women in Toronto.

“…it sometimes feels like it has taken me all of my adult life just to arrive and be fully present in my life.

And I know that many women and nonbianry people and femme identified people around me identity with that as well… it can be challenging to just arrive in our bodies and take up space.

So the different scenes that we styled in [the “Rise Instead”] video correlate to different ways of taking up space.”



Queen of Swords – Rise Instead – Queen of Swords

Sinead Harnett – Still Miss You – Chapter One

Soccer Mommy – Out Worn – Collection

Black Belt Eagle Scout – Soft Stud – Mother of My Children

Julien Baker – Appointments – Single

Wolf Alice – Don’t Delete the Kisses – Visions of a Life

Lizzo – Water Me – Single


Photo via “Rise Instead.”

Author: femchord