May Rio of Poppies at Sunnyvale

Episode 71: Poppies’ May Rio Builds Their Sound from a Collage of Sonic and Lyrical Variety

There is no quintessential Poppies song; instead the band builds their sound from a collage of numerous songs. May Rio of Poppies is focused on making songs different, making songs about something, and not just doing the same thing over and over again. This intentional approach to sound and lyrics previously led May away from writing love songs, but that’s something she’s reconsidered recently.

“For a long time I had made this rule for myself, because you know there are so many songs about love, it’s like if I shut this off what else can I make a song about, and it’s a lot.

…But sometimes you just want to write a song dealing with love and I don’t want to force any kind of song but I also don’t want to force out any kind of song.”

On this episode we talk to May about diversity in songwriting, the importance of being comfortable with your band, and Poppies’ new EP Good.


Poppies – Devin – Good EP

Poppies – Dumb Advice – Good EP

Crumb – Locket – Locket EP

Madeline Kenney – Always – Night Night at the First Landing

Hinds – Caribbean Moon – Caribbean Moon (Single)

Amy O – Lavender Night – Elastic

Anna Altman – The Interview – Freightliner

Alice Glass – Without Love – Without Love (Single)

ABRA – Bounty – Bounty (Single)

Liyv – Weeknight – Weeknight/Throwing Gold EP


Photo: Jen Meller

Author: femchord