Episode 70: Crosslegged’s Melodies Start with a Hum

The songs Keba Robinson is writing for her band Crosslegged exist in her mind before they’re brought to life on instruments. They start with an idea or a hummed melody and grow from there. This is a change in process for Keba, who has been making music as Crosslegged from her bedroom for years.

On this episode we talk to Keba about taking new approaches in your music, songs to sing from a mountaintop, and ugly singing in shared apartments.



Crosslegged – Under Your Nose – Truly, Truly

Crosslegged – Green & Blue – Truly, Truly

Daughter – Burn It Down – Burn It Down (Single)

Lomelda – Out There – Thx

Purity Ring – Asido – Asido (Single)

Weaves – #53 – Wide Open

Saba Abraha – Wicked Ways – Wicked Ways (Single)

Annie Hart – Run to You – Impossible Accomplice

Wild Ones – Parasthesia – Mirror Touch

Author: femchord