Kalmia Traver of Kalbells

Episode 67: Kalbells’ Kalmia Traver Finds Herself in Solitude on Ten Flowers

Kalbells’ Kalmia Traver left Brooklyn to record “Ten Flowers,” heading into the lush environs of her parents’ home in Woodstock, VT. Not initially planning on creating songs for a specific release, the songs on Ten Flowers were first composed as a kind of diary for Traver, ultimately reflecting the honest self exploration that is the thesis of the album.

Traver found the quiet and solitude she imposed on herself, both geographically and artistically, liberating.

“The song Alonetime is about the beauty of that loneliness and how much there is to learn inside of it.”



Babeheaven – It’s Not Easy – Your Love/It’s Not Easy

Kalbells – Bodyriders – Ten Flowers

Kalbells – Alonetime – Ten Flowers

Torres – Three Futures – Three Futures

Empress Of – Go To Hell – Go To Hell (Single)

Phoebe Bridgers – Motion Sickness – Stranger in the Alps

Zola Jesus – Soak – Okovi

Mal Devisa – You Are My Sunshine – You Are My Sunshine (Single)

Lomelda – Interstate Vision – Thx


Photo courtesy of Kalmia Traver. 

Author: femchord