Basement Babes by Yasmina Tawil

Episode 63: Yasmina Tawil Exposes the ‘Art’ of Music

How do visual art and music intersect? For Yasmina Tawil, a poster and zine creator as well as artist-in-residence at Brooklyn’s Silent Barn, they not only intersect but are interwoven.

“Everything that happens musically has a visual art component.”

On this episode, Tawil talks about her own influences as well as the larger themes of feminism and activism in the intersection of music and art.



Fiest – Pleasure – Pleasure

Slingshot Dakota – Grudge – Broken EP

Lido Pimienta – La Capacidad – La Papessa

Vita and the Woolf – Sun Drop – Tunnels

Palehound – If You Met Her – A Place I’ll Always Go

Katie Ellen – Lucy Stone – Single

Gold Dime – Shut Up – Nerves

Noga Erez – Off the Radar – Off the Radar


Photo courtesy of Yasmina Tawil. 

Author: femchord