Rachael Pazdan The Hum Series Julia Drummond

Episode 62: Rachael Pazdan Curates Unique Collaboration and Performances at The Hum Series

Rachael Pazdan curates innovative performances at The Hum Series by bringing artists together who have never, and without this series might never, collaborated.The Hum is an all-female music series created by Pazdan with an emphasis on collaborations between musicians who have never worked together. The series is a flashpoint for the audience, giving them a glimpse of one-night-only chemistry between artists, often with original songwriting for the performance.

This episode includes music from artists who performed at the fifth season of The Hum Series in May 2017.



Prima – Big Man – Performance

Buscabulla – Tartato – EP II

Beverly – Bulldozer – The Blue Swell

Zenizen – Follow the Leader – Australia EP

Maeve Gilchrist – Farika – Vignette

Arooj Aftab – Aey Na Balam – Bird Under Water

NOIA – Itaca Tropical – Habits EP

Ex Reyes – Keeping U In Line – DO SOMETHING

Brittany Campbell – For You – Stay Gold, Pt. 1


Photo by Julia Drummond, courtesy of The Hum Series. 

Author: femchord