Juli and Nico of Salt Cathedral

Episode 60: Salt Cathedral’s Music Does Not Define Their Future

Salt Cathedral’s newest music was made for movement, with a heavy reggae influence. But their latest work doesn’t define their musical future; Juliana Ronderos and Nicolas Losada (a.k.a. Juli and Nico) of Salt Cathedral make music for the present moment, with an openness to change.

“When we wrote this music we were like ‘this is the music we want to be making right now,’ but it’s not like ‘this is the music that’s going to define us for decades and we’re just going to branch of this sound.'” -Juli

On this episode of femchord Juli and Nico talked to us about being influenced by the sounds around New York, working without a label, collaborating with other artists, and finding unity through music.

We also feature some of our favorite new spring songs from a variety of artists.




Salt Cathedral  – Run for the Money ft. Assasin – Run for the Money (Single)

Salt Cathedral – Unravelling ft. Matisyahu – Unravelling (Single)

Cayetana – Am I Dead yet? – New Kind of Normal

Girlpool – It Gets More Blue – Powerplant

Fazerdaze – Lucky Girl – Morningside

Downtown Boys – A Wall – Cost of Living (forthcoming)

Dazeases – Plum – Local Slut

Adult Mom – Full Screen – Soft Spots

The Pink Tiles – Time for Love – #1 Fan

Japanese Breakfast – Machinist – Soft Sounds from Another Planet (forthcoming)


Author: femchord