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Episode 59: Welcome to Brooklyn

After a wonderful 58 episodes at WERA 96.7 FM in Washington, DC, femchord has relocated to Radio Free Brooklyn in Brooklyn, NY. This week, in honor of femchord’s move, we share some of our favorite songs from Brooklyn artists.

We’ve switched to an hour-long format, to allow for even more femchord each week. This week’s episode includes both longtime and new favorites from artists such as Aye Nako, Half Waif, and Mitski.



Tei Shi – How Far – Crawl Space

Half Waif – Severed Logic – form/a

Big Thief – Shark Smile – Capacity

Vagabon – Fear & Force – Infinite Worlds

Emily Reo – Spell – Spell (Single)

Aye Nako – Nightcrawler – Silver Haze

Mitski – Happy – Puberty 2

Kalbells – Craving Art Droplets – Ten Flowers

Yohuna – The Moon Hangs in the Sky Like Nothing Hangs in the Sky – Patientness

Florist –  White Light Doorway – The Birds Outside Sang

Maria Usbeck – Moai Y Yo – Amparo

Lady Lamb –  Heaven Bent – Tender Warriors Club

Salt Cathedral, Assasin –  Run for the Money –  Run for the Money (Single)

Author: femchord