Annie, Sonia & Cam of Weakened Friends

Episode 55: Weakened Friends Finds the Happiest Songs in the Saddest Experiences

When Weakened Friends performs the band has a powerful, upbeat energy. Yet most of their lyrics are not about happy times.

Singer, guitar player, and songwriter Sonia Sturino explains that when she preforms she is at her most outgoing, and music is a positive force in the band members’ lives. But she wants the lyrics to speak to the idea that even life’s sad, difficult moments can be beautiful and rich. Weakened Friends’ bassist Annie Hoffman and drummer Cam Jones feed into the idea that it’s fun to yell about the things that make you angry, providing energy and a feeling of camaraderie in arrangement and performance.


“I think being honest is more important than whatever this blanket term of happy is.” -Sonia



Weakened Friends – Crshed – Crushed EP

Crooked Bangs – Rabbit Hole – II (forthcoming)

Alex Lahey – You Don’t Think You Like People Like Me – B Grade University EP

Lizzo – Coconut Oil – Coconut Oil EP


Author: femchord