Nenet of Park Snakes

Episode 54: Park Snakes Feeds on Multiplicity in Genre, Collaboration

When Nenet was looking for bandmates, she placed an ad that mentioned many varied musical influences to catch readers’ attention. Now working with Jason Coile and Van Hillard as Park Snakes, that variety of influences shows in the band’s most recent EP, a collection of five original songs and five remixes from BLIGHT Records’ artists. Pulling from punk, Americana and more, Park Snakes creates memorable songs that defy any one genre.

On this episode, Nenet talks about finding inspiration through other artists, through listening, collaborating, and ultimately sharing her music with them.



Park Snakes – Alien – Park Snakes EP

Cherry Glazerr – Told You I’d Be With the Guys – Apocalipstick

Weaves – Tick – Weaves

Ian Sweet – #23 – Shapeshifter

Author: femchord