Represented DC founder Adriana Lucia Cotes

Episode 51: Adriana-Lucia Cotes Creates a Space for Women Artists of Color with Represented DC

After noticing a lack of women of color at shows in the DC music scene, Adriana-Lucia Cotes started Represented DC, a new music and altruism project that showcases women and femme artists of color in DC.

The project has already started to grow in directions Cotes hadn’t anticipated at first. In addition to the monthly music showcase at Rhizome, the newest piece is Cabaret for a Cause, a monthly performing arts event that benefits local charities. With this and other ideas, Cotes sees Represented DC as something bigger than one monthly showcase.

“I think we’re going to start becoming more involved in our communities, not just in our music communities… we want to bring people out from outlying communities, want to bring people from throughout the east coast into DC…

We are a group of people that are working to create safe spaces for women of color to display their work and to make connections. To create awareness for how art can benefit the community, not just for playing but donating hard cash. I think that’s a start for us.”




More Am Than FM – Forty Five – Off the Ground

Woodfir – Take the Road –  EP 1

Sheila – Makeshift Loner

Mellow Diamond – American God – American God


Photo courtesy of Adriana Lucia Cotes. 

Author: femchord