Episode 50: Johnny Fantastic Doesn’t Go Halfway When It Comes to Music

Someone once gave Johnny Fantastic some advice about performing: “Don’t be cool, be good.” They took the advice to heart, and never go halfway when it comes to their music. Whether for the band Stronger Sex, their new project Plain Jane, or a number of other bands they’re in, Johnny Fantastic always does it all the way.

On this episode, Fantastic talks about creating their newest song, “Grease Theft” the night before our interview, how members of the DC music community have influenced their work, and putting themselves entirely into their music.



Plain Jane – Grease Theft – Grease Theft (Single)

Furniteur – Swimming – Swimming (Single)

Park Snakes – Touch Me – Park Snakes EP

Julie Outrage – Untitled – Untitled (Single)


Photo: Jen Meller 

Author: femchord