Episode 48: Lady Lamb Responds to a Need For Hope, Tenderness in the Face of Uncertainty with New EP

With her latest EP and tour, Aly Spaltro aka Lady Lamb invites you to be sensitive. An ode to romanticism and hope, in Tender Warrior’s Club Spaltro stays true to form weaving together moods and melodies into lengthy, gorgeous songs. She talks about making a sort-of book club for anyone who’s trying to remain sensitive in difficult times, and letting a song be what it wants to be on this episode of femchord.

The episode is also filled with artists who, like Lady Lamb, create lush storytelling through their songwriting.




Lady Lamb – Salt – Tender Warriors Club EP

Wilsen – Heavy Steps – I Go Missing in My Sleep

Jesca Hoop – Memories Are Now – Memories Are Now

Julie Byrne – I Live Now as a Singer – Not Even Happiness



Photo by Shervin Lainez.


Author: femchord