Episode 47: On ‘Infinite Worlds,’ Vagabon Sets Out Ambitiously, Finishes Holding Her Own

On her debut album, Vagabon’s Laetitia Tamko set out with high ambitions to develop her musicianship—and she delivered.

It’s a classic artistic dilemma: having an idea, but lacking the technical skill to bring it to life. Tamko responded to this challenge by teaching herself to play the instruments she wanted to include on her album, and making her ideas into a tangible thing all her own: “Infinite Worlds.” She talks about the musical and emotional growth that came through recording the album, revisiting songs she wrote and creating new ones, as well as the community she hopes listeners will find in her music.

Most of the songs moved from being very emotionally sensitive, having this urgency, to now they have a different meaning and, for me, feel kind of triumphant.

In this episode, we feature Vagabon’s upcoming debut album ‘Infinite Worlds’ (out February 24, 2017) along with other music we’re eagerly awaiting in 2017.



Vagabon – The Embers – Infinite Worlds

Diet Cig – Tummy Ache – Swear I’m Good at This

Jay Som – The Bus Song – Everybody Works

Overcoats – Hold Me Close – Young


Photo by Daniel Dorsa, courtesy of Ground Control Touring

Author: femchord