Episode 46: Priests Grows with Nuance and Sureness on Nothing Feels Natural

In the current state of the world, many people look to music for guidance, hope, levity, understanding. For those who turn to Nothing Feels Natural, DC-based band Priests’ debut album, they’ll get all of those things. On this episode, drummer Daniele Daniele and vocalist Katie Alice Greer talk about the band’s development since their first self-released tape days after they formed as a band to this long-awaited debut LP, finding nuance and sureness in the band’s sound.

Compared to previous releases, Nothing Feels Natural dives into melancholy moments that bring increased nuance to their sound, while staying true to the politically-charged punk they’re known for. Daniele Daniele talks about how these moods on the album can cause people to mistake the songs for being more personally-focused than they are.

“We have this tendency as a culture to think of sadness as a personal thing, and anger as a more outwardly-directed thing.”

Priests is Daniele Daniele (drums), Katie Alice Greer (vocals), G.L. Jaguar (guitar), and Taylor Mulitz (bass).


Priests – JJ – Nothing Feels Natural

Sneaks – Inside Edition – It’s a Myth

Charlotte Day Wilson – Work – CDW EP

Vagabon – Fear & Force – Infinite Worlds

Lido Pimienta – Agua – La Papessa



Photo by Audrey Melton, courtesy of Priests.

Author: femchord