Episode 41: Keeping Her Artistry in Flux, Xenia Rubinos Puts Words First on ‘Black Terry Cat’

Great art captures something true in the world, and reflects it back to us. Xenia Rubinos does just that—her music isn’t necessarily political, but she captures insightful observations about the world in song. The insightful ingenuity that weaves through her latest album, Black Terry Cat, comes from a songwriting tactic that’s new to her: putting lyrics first.

On this episode she talks about her ever-changing creative process, how she arrived at the fusion of contemplative commentary and playful sound that dominates her album, and the responsibility she feels in using her music to speak about the world.




Xenia Rubinos – Mexican Chef – Black Terry Cat

Rubblebucket – If U C My Enemies – Single

Solange – Don’t You Wait – A Seat at the Table


Photo Courtesy of Xenia Rubinos/Anti Records. 

Author: femchord