Episode 34: Exploring Emotion and Place, Sibling Grows Together and Darker

New duo Sibling is brought together not by relation, but by a creative musical partnership. In their first radio interview, Elodie Tomlinson and Bryan Osuszek of Venice Beach-based Sibling talk about how they have grown together, balancing California’s influence with some darker moments on their EP, and where they’re headed.

In addition to the band’s newest song Rearview, this episode also features new music we’ve been listening to lately from Springtime Carnivore, Trace, and Slothrust.


Sibling – Rearview – Sibling EP

Springtime Carnivore – Under the Spell – Midnight Room

Trace – Low – Single

Slothrust – Horseshoe Crab – Everyone Else


Photo Courtesy of Sibling.

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