Episode 33: Cina Nguyen’s Photos Mix Personal Style, Artists’ Personas

In addition to sound, music is also about visuals. How we “know” musicians has not only to do with their music and what they say about it, but also how they’re presented performing live and in images.

Cina Nguyen is a music photographer who captures artists, often performing live. On this episode of femchord we talk to Cina about how she got started taking music photos about a year ago, how she chooses who to photograph, and what it’s like being in the pit at shows. You can find Cina’s photos on her Instagram account @ilikeyourface.




Young Summer – Alright – Alright (Single)

Prinze George – Move It – Illiterate Synth Pop

Wet – You’re the Best – Don’t You

Halsey – Hold Me Down – Badlands

Beau – One Wing – That Thing Reality


Photo courtesy of Cina Nguyen.


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