Episode 32: Marian McLaughlin distills varied moods, melodies, inspiration

Marian McLaughlin uses an experimental approach to songwriting to create music about nature, myths, and other things she’s learned and experienced. Merging unconventional lyrics with intricate guitar playing, supportive bass and cello, and recently a horns section, McLaughlin makes music with varied moods, melodies, and messages. In DC and beyond, she has made a name for herself with her unique style.

It’s interesting how things you come across at one point [in life] can surface later on.

In this episode of femchord we talk to her about her songwriting process, how nature provides inspiration, playing live, and planning shows from DC DIY spaces to the UK.




Marian McLaughlin – Kapunkah – Spirit House

Marian McLaughlin – Legend of the Neighborhood – Spirit House

Cynthia Maria – Sometimes Broken – Harbor

Amber Coffman – All to Myself – City of No Reply



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