Episode 31: Bishop Briggs Brings Soul and Darkness to Her Debut Music

Bishop Brigg’s debut music is threaded with soul and tinged with darkness. From childhood Motown influences to finding producers who bring out a sound that makes her feel like her authentic self, Briggs shares how her lush sound came to be in this episode of femchord.

My true self and my more private self is probably a lot darker than who I am in a more public way, because it’s when I’m most vulnerable and when I hold on to different aches that have gone on. [The music] is never coming from an ungrateful place, but always trying to come from a very real and honest place.

Stunned and thankful for the surreal year she’s had, from playing for a few people in a room to playing with bands like Coldplay, she discusses what’s been most memorable so far, and how she maintains her love of performing.

The episode also features songs by other new artists who make a strong first impression with their debuts.




Bishop Briggs – The Way I Do – The Way I Do Single

Bishop Briggs – Be Your Love – Be Your Love Single

Nilufer Yanya – Keep on Calling – Keep on Calling Single

Angelica Garcia – Twenty – Medicine For Birds


Photo: George Robertson, courtesy of Bishop Briggs.

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