Episode 28: On Homoground, the Music and the People Behind it Speak for Themselves

Lynn Casper fuses her passion for music and LGBTQ activism on Homoground, a network that lets music and the artists behind it speak for themselves through radio, podcasts, events, videos & other forms of creative media. Hear her talk about creating Homoground, it’s evolution, and the what artists say it means to them to have their music be part of it.

I like to think of it as a queer MTV … This is everything that I would’ve wanted to have access to when I was younger, so I think it’s really cool that I’ve been able to help build something that 14-year-old me would be really proud of.


Torres – Cowboy Guilt – Sprinter

Scully – Wave – No Nonsense EP

Modern Huge – My Feelings for You Are Complicated – Single

Kittiwake – Biplicity – Hibernal


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