Episode 23: Oh He Dead Talks Soulful Sounds and Their Duo Dynamic

Oh He Dead is a young band. Both in the sense that they only formed recently and in the sense that half of the band—Cynthia Johnson aka CJ—is still a teenager. CJ only met the other half of the duo Andrew Valenti last year, but since then they’ve grown together to create soulful, genre-transcending music in Washington, D.C. The duo has quickly become comfortable with each other, combined their music styles, and booked a full summer of shows.

On this episode we talk to CJ about the personal dynamic and genre-transcendent style of Oh He Dead, and what’s next for the duo.




Oh He Dead – Big River – Big River Single

Muddy Magnolias – Brother, What Happened – Brother, What Happened Single

Adia Victoria – Dead Eyes – Beyond the Bloodhounds

Arum Rae – Loners – Loners EP

The Staves – Outlaw – Sleeping in a Car EP



Author: femchord