Episode 20: Mal Devisa on Performance, Genre, and Learning to Talk about her Music

When Mal Devisa let out her first piercing note of her performance at DZ Tape’s anniversary show, I watched the girl standing in the crowd in front of me drop her mouth in awe. It’s obvious that Mal Devisa feels at home on the stage; less so in the passenger seat of my car as we talk about her latest album.

She has a striking presence when performing, where words and emotions flow out of her with ease; but when it comes to talking about her music, she’s less confident. Hear her talk about feeling at home on stage, defying genre, and the difference between making music and talking about it.

“I’ve been playing music my whole life. Knowing what to call it is a different story.”



Mal Devisa – Fire – Kiid

Japanese Breakfast – In Heaven – Psychopomp

Impulsive Hearts – Come on – Sorry in the Summer

Laura Jean Anderson – Righteous Girl – Righteous Girl



Author: Kate Ida

Kate is the co-founder of femchord. She combines a love for music and a masters in gender policy in her work.

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