Episode 16: Conversations on Songwriting and Soul-baring with Olivia Mancini

Embarrassed by the personal nature of her latest EP, Walkabout, Olivia Mancini released the project under a solo moniker. In this episode, she talks about the songwriting process that went into it and the intimidating feeling of playing those songs in intimate venues.

This episode also contains our first femchord session, with Olivia playing River of No Return live at WERA.

“I didn’t want to shame my band mates with this…emotion.”


Olivia Mancini – River of No Return – femchord sessions: Olivia Mancini live at WERA

Olivia Mancini – Little Lifetime – Walkabout EP

Julien Baker – Everybody Does – Sprained Ankle

Angel Olsen – Intern – My Woman

Bat For Lashes – Joe’s Dream – The Bride



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