Why start something like femchord?

True to our feminist ethos, femchord began on the idea that equality in music moves beyond just an equal number of women-led acts. We started femchord as a space for women to see their place in making, producing, writing about, and being a fan of music. It’s a place where no one will ask you which band member your boyfriend is or assume that your looks got you to where you are. It’s a place where creativity and expression come first.

While we won’t shy away from the obvious issues women face in music, femchord is also a space where artists, producers, journalists, and fans can speak to their passions, beyond the societal standard gender norms have created.

We are Julia Wejchert and Kate Ida, two music obsessives writing and talking about what we like. Former college arts writers, and now roommates in Washington, D.C., we attend shows as often as possible and are always looking for the newest great song.

We are also two women who got sick of their friends not being able to name a single woman-led act that they liked; who find record fairs where every single table is manned by a guy, with the records’ dearth of women reflecting that, infuriating; who want women to be equally represented not only in artists, but in production, journalism, and fandom.

Over the years we’ve noticed how often music—even for fans—can feel like a boys’ club, but we’ve also seen women doing great things in the music industry and not getting due recognition for that. We’ve tried to use our dollars and voices to change that, and femchord is the next step.

femchord is where you’ll find women and queer people doing great things in music.


Author: Kate Ida

Kate is the co-founder of femchord. She combines a love for music and a masters in gender policy in her work.

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